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Our ambitions for Ambient.White and the passion of our teammates has led us to exciting results, but in terms of the scope of the whole project plan – it is simply too big for our small team. That is why we are changing our course for the better of Ambient Project. Learn more in this video.

We want to hear your opinion about the project, so please share it with us in this form:

Ambient Update #8

In this video we share the current vision of the game and demonstrate the gameplay of Ambient.White.

This game build was developed in 2018 to test the level flow, puzzles, unique collectibles and polished version of combat gameplay mechanics: ambientproject.net/downloads/

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March Q&A and Progress

Hello, dear fans!
Last March we were attacked in twitter by an old team member. He spread misinformation “campaign“ by mixing truth and incorrect interpretations to imply malicious intents in our actions. The production in the team was indeed going rough and we shared the full story of what has been happening with the project in our latest 7.01 update video.

To address the situation with misinformation, we decided to restrain from feeding into the provocations of our old friend and resolve the situation in a calm and fully open manner in our Discord server.

Since not all of our fans may be reading discord, but want to find out our side of the story, our answers, we compiled a list of questions and answers by our leads of departments: Kjellska, Dex and lead of the project – Dreamy Wings.

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Gameplay Demo #2 – Release

This game build was developed in 2017 to test the third(?) revision of combat gameplay mechanics. It focused on more polished, strategic gameplay with new types of enemies: ambientproject.net/downloads/

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Here we go! One of the promised game builds released and up for anybody to try: ambientproject.net/downloads/

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Hello, dear fans!
This time we share the whole story of how development went for the last few years. Because…. the development of Ambient is still going! And with this video, you’ll know how well it went.
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Ambient Project goes to GalaCon 2017

We’re excited to announce our Ambient Project panel this year at GalaCon 2017!

Come see our panel in Panel Room 1, Saturday, July 29th at 11:15am as we showcase exclusive previews and gameplay of our upcoming title, Ambient.White!

Closed Combat Demo build #1 (For Patrons Only)

So today we are releasing a new demo game build, that is focused primarily on basic combat mechanics.
The combat demo has the same system requirements as the beta preview we released before. However, since we basically made the game from scratch a year ago, the current gameplay may feel more balanced, refreshing and comfortable.
WARNING 1: The gameplay mechanics in this demo involve very basic melee combat; in the final product, the amount of mechanics and gameplay elements will increase, thus, bringing more variety. Currently, the enemy AI is simple and combat may start to feel repetitive quite soon. It will be much better in the final release of the game.
WARNING 2: Not all of the UI has been translated yet. What we have basically done so far is – tested the translation system, and translated only a few parts of the UI with it. For the best experience we suggest you keep English as the primary language at this time.
Text Dreamy Wings in a private message on Patreon. Tell him you want to try out this game build. If you have pledged more than 10$ already overall, we will be happy to share our game build with you!
NOTE: If you have not pledged enough, or became a Patron only recently, unfortunately, you have to wait for the next month, when Patreon charges money from your card. Then you will be able to access the game build.
Soon (in next few days) we will post a link to a Google Form for you to fill out; there you will be able to write your thoughts about this demo build.

BABSCON 2017 – Ambient Panel

We’re thrilled to announce our Ambient Project panel this year at BABSCON 2017!

Come see our panel in the Solar Hall, Sunday at 1:45PM as we showcase exclusive previews and gameplay of our upcoming title, Ambient.White!

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