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Gameplay Demo #3 – Release

This game build was developed in 2018 to test the level flow, puzzles, unique collectibles and polished version of combat gameplay mechanics: ambientproject.net/downloads/

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  1. Very good, tons of fun, though personally I feel like the combat is kind of a side-game thrown in there. It feels like it would be a great exploration game with occasional puzzles to unravel the story. I hope at some point we can play a preview of what it’s like in general with both characters around (this “older sister simulator” that was mentioned in a recent video).

    Lastly I really want to know if it is possible to open up the doors behind where the final wave of enemies show up. I’ve collected all the collectibles and entered the secret room that uses a numerical lock, but never found out if the tall doors at the very end can be opened.

    Overall, very good, and I will be acquiring it when it becomes available.

  2. I just finished the game and wait… *looks at the clock* It’s been a year since this demo?!

    Okay, but apparently I was able to find it just now and play it just now. What can I say? The game is wonderful and the mechanics are very nice to look at and play. We spent time with a friend there (I was streaming to him) and my god, 6 hours of searching for ways to get into this pyramid (In fact, a rotated cube or a rhombus, more precisely, as I found out later :D) were not crowned with any success. In the end, I decided to get there somehow. I tried to climb into the textures, around all the rocks, I watched everything I could, I looked at the room with frozen ponies, I listened 10 times to that strange recording, which tells about pain and suffering. But I haven’t found a single damn clue! I’m curious, damn it!

    But, it was delicious. It brought me pleasure to run in the role of a pony in the snow. It looks nice and very interesting. Magic sometimes works incomprehensibly and physics breaks down, but this is a demo! And even more so, it was fun, to be honest. In general, I hope that the project is still being developed, I have high hopes for it all!

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