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Livestream – 30th of July

We are pleased to announce our second upcoming stream this Saturday – the 30th of July at 7 p.m. GMT.

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Preview Beta Public Release!

Finally the beta preview is released!
You can take it at our Downloads page.

Have fun!

Beta release Livestream

Hey, the release of ambient preview beta is quite close! Its quite an important step in the development of our game, and you guys seem to be pretty excited about it! Well guess what, we are as excited as you are! And we plan to have a livestream to celebrate this event together!

Right on www.twitch.tv/ambientproject in 9:30 pm UTC we are going to stream a let’s play of preview beta to show some new interesting features, share more info about the development of the game, make some anounsments, and answer all of your questions!

And right in the end of livestream we will publish open preview of the game available for everybody at our website.

So tune in at 16th of june on our twitch channel, and let’s enjoy this small but valuable step in development of Ambient.Prologue together!

Hello, dear followers of Ambient.Prologue development.


A Little Bit Different Team was working on Ambient.Prologue game for quite a while, ha?

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Yay. We are back!

Hi everyone. Our new site is up and running. There were some problems on a server that deleted site files. And instead of recovering an old site I decided to make a new one, better one.

Keep track on our news and be informed of all updates to Ambient Project.

P.S. Website of course will have more updates and changes with time.

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