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No windows 32 bit of beta version :(

Hey, guys!

As you may have already noticed, for the past month there hasn’t really been a 32 bit version for the beta of Ambient.Prologue. We are sorry to inform you that a 32 bit version of said beta is currently out of our reach because of some limitations in Unreal Engine and our possibilities.

While working with our project in the game engine, the programming team had a few organizational issues. As a result, the project was full of junk files, for example, failed experimentations, broken code fragments, because of Unreal Engine updates, and other outdated files. This also caused the game to have tons of bugs which proved hard to both find and fix. All of this optimization caused the process of packaging the game to 32 bits borderline impossible.

However, we have now decided to move to a completely new and empty project. We will fill it with some existing organized content, some older bits of code with no issues and some remade code as well. This will make our work much more efficient, along with a much greater possibility of creating both a 64 and 32 bit version for Windows, Linux and Mac. Nevertheless, to make sure we are not losing too much time, we are not planning on recreating the beta for the missed platforms.

After working on this project for about a year now, we have gained a lot of experience in programming. Thus, we plan to provide every player with a much smoother gameplay experience than in our public alpha and beta versions of the game.

Thank you for following the development of Ambient.Prologue!


  1. kolijoker

    07/31/16 at 07:07

    Thanks for your work!

  2. Still less buggy than any Bethesda game! Just wanted to say keep up the great work, this and the Fallout Equestria game are the two projects I Am most looking forward to. 🙂

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