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Ambient Project goes to GalaCon 2017







Patreon上私信 Dreamy Wings。告诉他你想要试试本次游戏试玩,如果你已经赞助了我们超过10$,我们将非常愿意与你分享游戏的试玩!



BABSCON 2017 – Ambient Panel

我们非常兴奋的向大家宣布,我们 Ambient 的项目团队将会来到今年 BABACON 2017 的现场!

欢迎大家到 Solar Hall 与我们的成员见面,在周日下午 1:45,我们将会为大家带来关于 Ambient.White 最新的独家内容以及游戏演示!




Ambiet White?哈?!:OOO

正如大家在最近新聞中所看到的,我們在Youtube上放出了一段Ambient White遊戲最初五分鐘的預告視頻。也許你們正感到迷茫,“發生了什麼事?Ambient Prologue去哪裡了?出什麼事了?”
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This video is a part of walkthrough of Ambient.White(previously named as Ambient.Prologue).

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ALBD at RuBronycon 2016 at Moscow!

Dear friends, we are happy to notify you we are attending to our first convention as a representatives of Ambient developers. It is RuBronycon in Moscow 8-9th October. We have some cool stuff to show you and you will be able to ask us any questions about the project there. So go on, we will be happy to see you there!

August 2016 Report

Greetings, loyal fans and followers!

Ever since our latest stream, we have made some significant improvements to the final game, which we thought you might want to hear about.

Now then, the UI has been greatly improved so that it’s more intuitive and easier to navigate. The in game controls should feel a lot smoother now as well. A huge amount of work has been put into the world, so that it’s as pretty and detailed as people would want it to be.

We have created new character models for the in game mobs. Not only that, but we’ve added some of the necessary animations for these new mobs and improved the old animations for other mobs as well.

Last but not least, we have started to record the lovely voices for our characters.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that we’ve worked only on these parts of the game. No. Our team has been working on every other part of the game as well.

Finally, we wanted to mention that there will be a new video posted on Youtube quite soon, so look out for that. Also, we are planning on hosting another stream in the next few weeks as well. However, this stream will not be a public event; rather an exclusive one just our Patreon supporters.

Once again, thank you for your support!

Livestream for patrons

Hello, friends!

Thank you to everyone who joined our previous stream, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Now then, we have a special announcement to make. As of now, we are planning on making two streams every month! However the second ones will be closed streams for our pattern supporters, who have already donated 10$+ only.

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No windows 32 bit of beta version :(

Hey, guys!

As you may have already noticed, for the past month there hasn’t really been a 32 bit version for the beta of Ambient.Prologue. We are sorry to inform you that a 32 bit version of said beta is currently out of our reach because of some limitations in Unreal Engine and our possibilities.

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