Dreamy Wings
Lead developer of Ambient.White

I have a dream. A dream that someday there would be a game to which bronies could point to and say: “This is much-much more than just a video game about ponies.”

I wish that someday bronies would come to E3, Gamescom or any other big game presentation and watch as someone comes onto stage, and says: “We made a game about ponies. And it is amazing.”.
I wish that someday bronies would tell an exciting, wonderful, and emotional story, set in a unique magical beautiful world. A story about deep, developed characters with magnificent wings, shiny hooves, majestic horns and hearts as strong as horses. A story that will make players look at the world from a different perspective. A story that would make you rethink your opinions and points of view. . A story that would not only prompt people to laugh, but to also question ideas such as the true difference between good and evil, what does it feel like to be immortal and if there really is a way to make each and every person in our world happy. A story that will break stereotypes and become one of the most beloved masterpieces in gaming industry.


I’ve been waiting for a long while, but nothing like that happened. Then I asked myself: “Why should I wait for something like that if I can make it happen myself?”

That is quite a tough goal right there, isn’t it? To a lot of people it would seem unreachable, considering the fact that I had no developing skills or any understanding of how games and storytelling worked at all.

Impossible. Yeah, they said that it’s impossible.

After that I said: “In that case I will try doing it, just for fun.”

I have learned every detail of game development, worked on creating something good for quite a while, polished my ideas to the point where I had to cut more than 90% of the original concepts, threw my own work into the trash just to make the game better, and finally came to the alpha stage of the project I have been working on.

And that was the point when I published the first gameplay video of the first part of the Ambient series – a game called Ambient.Prologue.

I have started making an action adventure game with RPG elements. The story centers around two sisters as they try to find their place in the beautifully hostile world around them. You will play as Astrum, the older sister, as she goes about her life with Krinita by her side, facing challenges, danger, emotional and moral trials and trying to reach a certain goal.

After the video was published, lots of talented people from all over the world have contacted me and offered their help.
And that was a start of the story of the A Little Bit Different team.

And this is a story we are building together now.

– Hey, team ALBD, our next goal is impossible. Wanna reach it?

 – No. We want to go beyond!

 – Ohhh yeah! That’s the spirit! In this case our next goal is something beyond the impossible!

It will surely take an enormous amount of time and effort. It’s the goal I have been walking towards for about 3 years now. And this is a goal I’m now going towards with a group of great friends.

About a year has passed from the start of ALBD working together. The year of tough decisions, lots of experimentation, valueble lessons in game development and team management. The project we planed before transformed to something much more serious now. With bronies support, loyal, tallented new team and big amount of experience we redefined our goals and style from scratch so we could make a game with trully fun, interesting gameplay, full independent emotional story and unique beauty in graphics and sound, supported by good optimization. We set the mark of quality we could be proud of, the one that can be called nothing less then amazing. And at this point we understood: This game is not just a prologue anymore. Now it is a full first episode/volume in Ambient series. Now that is Ambient.White.

ATTENTION! Since July 2021 Ambient Project is FROZEN until 2024. More details in this video: